7 Basic Needs of a Dog: Here's How to Take Care of Your Dog

7 basic needs of a dog, how to take care of your dog, what dogs need

Pets are an absolute favorite of today’s generation. Everybody wants a pet, but not all of them have the foresight to understand how big of a commitment it is. Dogs are the most adorable and friendly pets out there. But before you take on the responsibility, it is essential that you understand what it entails, how to create the best and the most healthy living environment for your furry friend. 

Looking after a dog is more than having a playmate and letting it out for taking care of its bathroom needs. You need to ensure proper nutrition, exercise, and socializing to keep them happy and healthy. Create a dog-friendly environment that they can recognize as home and ensure that you can take care of their veterinary needs and bills, etc. Here are the seven basic needs and tips to understand how to take care of a dog. 

Positive Environment

Dogs are incredibly friendly and social animals. It is unhealthy to have a dog yet exclude them from your familial places or keep them locked inside for too long or locked outside without being supervised. With the exception of taking in a stray or an abused dog that needs a separate space to grow and get comfortable, most dogs love being included in family time and enjoy both indoor and outdoor times. Puppies, unlike grown dogs, can be trained and taught how to how to respect boundaries, which makes it easier for someone to adopt or take care of them but, all dogs deserve a positive and calm environment conducive for growth and time with their families.

Just like people, they need a space to cool or relax when they feel uncertain or want to be alone. You can delegate a separate small area to them with the help of a dog bed, or a kennel, etc. 

Healthy Food

Diet is a huge part of every living thing’s life. You need to ensure the food quality and quantity are right. Your dog’s diet can highly affect their behavior and energy levels. There are many food brands available on the market depending on what your dog’s breed, current health, stage of life, and preference. You can find high-fiber, high-protein, low-sodium, and many other options. Dog treats like cookies and beef jerky are also a bonus.

Clean Water

A healthy diet is not only food thing they need, regular change of clean water, filtered or distilled are good options. Ensuring your dog stays hydrated is essential too. If your dog spends time both outdoors and indoors, keeping a water bowl in both areas is a great idea.


A little TCL for your dog can go a far way. Dogs love to roll around and play, regardless of their size and breed. It is absolutely necessary to groom them regularly to avoid getting matted coats, abrasive skin, flees, ticks and other insects that may love living on furry friends like dogs. Clumps of coat can be pretty painful for your dogs and can lead to many other complications. Similarly, take regular care of other grooming necessities, such as nail trimmings, skin inflammation, circulation, etc.


Dogs, like any other living being, need frequent stimuli to be taught its boundaries and allowances. How familiar are you with Pavlov and the dog? Bottom line is, dogs can be taught how to respond through positive reinforcements. Teach them general socializing behaviors, such as how to interact with you or other people. You can get a lot of help from a training guide or a professional trainer to understand what a dog needs. Always reinforce positive behavior with affection and treats, but never deal with abrasive behavior with punishments. Proper training will help grow your bond with your dog and nurture it. 

Physical Exercise

Exercise is necessary for a dog. It helps burn the limitless energy they seem to have and helps them socialize with the neighborhood humans and animals alike. Walking outdoors also helps them get the refreshing environment and an enormous space to run around. Every dog’s exercise needs differ, depending on age, size, breed, and your dog’s general nature. Focusing on these aspects will help you develop a suitable regime for your dog.

Always remember that any behavioral issue is always related to them not being comfortable, happy, or healthy in their space or with their human. 

Love and Affection 

Enriching your dog's environment is the first step towards ensuring their health. Pack animals like dogs thrive on affection and interaction with their human. They get a lot of positive stimuli from cuddling, tummy rubs, head rubs, or positive encouragement like “what a good boy/girl”. They can form an unformidable and emotional bond with their human. This can also help the owner with mental health issues. There are many ways to help strengthen your mutual bond. 

You can specifically plan some playtime together to ensure regular interaction and share growth and experience. Dogs focus more on your emotions and body language than they do on verbal communication. Communicate with them in a way that makes it easier to understand. 

Dogs thrive on making their human happy and nothing makes them happier than getting love and positive responses from their owner. Give them plenty of affection.

Your Dog’s Health is Important

Regular vet visits are essential and should not be overlooked. Your vet will help provide you with the necessities for your dog's growth, vaccination, health condition, etc. A general checkup usually entails a nose to tail examination and cleaning or treating anything that might need attention; such as paws, teeth, eyes, etc. This really helps take care of any underlying issues and keep your dog healthy and content.

It can be challenging to help take care of your pets, which is why, we enjoy researching and sharing many ways and tips to make it easier. We don’t enjoy seeing or hearing of sick pups/dogs. We want to ensure that you understand the seven basic needs of a dog, healthy food, clean water, grooming, frequent stimulation, a positive environment, exercise, and plenty love and affection.

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