Canine Nutrition: What are the Right Foods to Feed Your Dog

Canine Nutrition What are the Right Foods to Feed Your Dog

Dogs are a human’s best friend. These furry pals make the most loyal companions if treated with utmost respect and affection. To keep your dog happy and healthy, we cannot emphasize enough about the importance of a nutritious diet alongside regular exercise. 

Nutrients that play a vital role in their health include water, proteins, fats, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Whether you are a first-time dog owner or have been a dog parent for a long time, ensuring the best dog nutrition is a constant learning process to know what is optimal for their wellbeing. An appropriate dog diet for one dog may not apply to another as their dietary needs vary by their breeds and life stages. 

Dogs have been discovered to be omnivorous beings, which means that their diets must entail plant-based foods and that they cannot survive merely on meats. Common assumption deludes that only meats can supplement the dietary needs of dogs, but biological evolution offers that their diets have adapted to absorb proteins from plant-based sources just as well. Many dog breeds require a blend of plant and meat foods to offer a healthy and balanced diet that meets their needs. The primary source of nutrition for dogs is proteins and fats that are essential to keep them fit. Other than proteins and fats, dogs also derive their energy from carbohydrates.  

While it is important for dogs to be fed proteins, it is equally important that those proteins are digestible, which can only come from high-quality dog foods. For a protein to be digestible by dogs, their digestive systems should be able to break down the food into amino acids, which provide the dogs with the energy they need to go about their day. If a protein source is not digestible, it adds no value to their health. Moreover, various foods are better for dogs when cooked, as raw foods may be toxic or dangerous to their health.  

What are the Right Foods to Feed Your Dog

Some foods that can be nutritious and good sources of energy for your dogs include: 


Eggs are packed with nutrients like vitamins, fatty acids, iron, and calcium, among others. There is extensive research on eggs as a complete food source that provides all the nutrients. It provides many health benefits for dogs when consumed in moderation. It is safer for dogs to consume cooked eggs instead of raw eggs that may contain infectious bacteria. 


Meats are the primary source of proteins for dog nutrition and without contest, the best ones, as it consists of amino acids that break down to produce energy. It is the most important part of your dog’s diet and keeps their stomach filled for longer. The type of meat preferred by your dog depends on multiple factors such as taste, texture, and smell. Some good meats edible for dogs are chicken, lamb, beef, salmon, and turkey. 

Chicken is a popular choice among dog owners and the most affordable protein source to serve your dog nutrition needs. Boiled chicken, without seasoning, is a healthy choice for your dog when cooked properly. We advise you to check with your veterinarian before feeding your dog chicken.

Commercial dog food varieties use beef as their base, which makes a high-quality protein source. To supplement how much protein does a dog need, organ meats such as beef liver, kidney and heart are packed with essential nutrients and are beneficial. 


A selective variety of food is beneficial for dog diet, such as salmon, tuna, and shrimp. These are safe for the dogs to consume and are enriched in protein components. The omega-3 component and B vitamins in seafood nurture the dog’s immune system, fur, and skin. Ensure to cook the fish to eliminate any harmful bacteria that can adversely affect the dog’s health. 


Plain, boiled white rice is easily digestible by the dogs and contributes to supplement carbohydrates for dog nutrition. Cook the rice until it is softened to prevent your dog from consuming raw rice. It is another dietary option for when your dog has a bad day with the stomach, such as diarrhea. However, it is only recommended in small quantities for dogs with diabetes to consume white rice as it can raise sugar levels.


Corn is a grain that many doctors approve for dogs. It is relatively inexpensive and supplements several mineral and vitamin needs required for dog nutrition to offer a balanced diet for your dog. Many canned dog foods also use corn to up the nutrients quotient in dog foods. As with most foods, this one must also be fed in moderation, and check the dog for any allergies prior to consuming corn. 

Criteria for Healthy Dog Food

Simply put, look for dog foods that identify the kind of meat they are using, whether chicken, beef, or duck. Make sure they aren’t made up of things that aren’t so nutritious and take up most of the content over the meat. Healthy dog foods also avoid using preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavors. Good dog food companies are just as concerned as you are about the wellbeing of your pets, so they will be honest and responsible, using authentic ingredients that maximize the safety and health of dogs.

Without further ado, here are some excellent brands for dog foods:

Eagle Pack

While Eagle Pack uses oatmeal, barley, and rice, it uses all authentic ingredients, successfully avoiding non-nutritious filler ingredients such as corn. Their safety measures and screening processes are thorough in ensuring quality. They are suitable whether they are young pups or old dogs, small or big, or anything in between. 


Orijen provides dried foods that contain ingredients that are perfectly safe and appropriate for dogs. This company uses fresh foods that are sourced regionally and undergo a monitoring/screening process. Their foods target a large range of dogs regardless of size and age as well. Dogs and people both love this brand!


Primal offers frozen, dried, and raw foods for dogs. It also gives other options such as goat milk and bones with meat. They undergo a rigorous process under USDA regulations to ensure food safety.

So, whether you’re preparing home-made dog food or feeding them commercial products like Eagle Pack, Orijen, Primal or another brand, be sure to consult with your veterinarian first.

The right dog food at the right portions, plenty of exercise, clean water, grooming, love and rest are what your dog friend(s) will need to ensure that they are healthy. At Fetch ‘n Play Toys, we promote good health through outdoor and indoor activities, stimulating your dog’s brain and physically exercise with our top of the line dog toys that both you and your dog will enjoy. Check out our collection of dog toys now!


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