How To Challenge and Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind to Increase Your Dog’s IQ

Challenging and Stimulating Your Dog’s Mind to Increase Your Dog’s IQ

If you are a proud dog owner and your dog is constantly bored out of its mind, the best way to deal with this is to add some mental exercises and challenges to your dog's daily routine.

Usually, most pet owners are more concerned with the physical health of their dogs, and that is also important! But to make your dog more efficient and provide them with a more fulfilling lifestyle, some mental simulations are also necessary. These mental exercises don't just tire your dog out, but also provide them with a meaningful task and sense of accomplishment. The mixture of psychological and physical activity will undoubtedly keep any dog out of boredom and stop excessive barking or chewing while also preventing them from developing behavioral issues.

If you are looking for some interactive and engaging ways to train, exercise and stimulate your dog's mental capacity, the following are some fundamental, but constructive, ways.

Let Your Dog Work to Get Their Food

Most dogs have an effortless way of getting food. Typically, you would put the food into the bowl and let your dogs have it. Now we are not saying that is there is something wrong with this, but if we compare this to the natural habitat of dogs, there is zero to no stimulation involved. 

Now, if you want your dogs to have a complete experience and give them a more mentally engaging activity, the best way to do that is to add some kind of fun routine for your dogs to go through before they get to the food. This fun activity can either be a made-up game or, for a more fundamental idea, you can create an obstacle course and put the food at the end.

Engaging With the Sniffing Quality of Your Dog

All dogs enjoy walking. In fact, your dog looks forward to you walking them daily, but this outdoor activity mostly focuses on the physical aspect of your pet. Naturally, dogs also need to explore and discover new things using their sensory nerves in the nose. Your dog’s natural instincts will tell them to sniff around to find things, to eat, play or “sniff out danger”. Take, for instance, how dogs on the police force are used or dogs in the wild find meals. Whether during a walk or indoors, dogs get pretty excited smelling unfamiliar scents and checking things around.

Now, if you don't like to be led around by your dog just because they want to sniff at things, you can engage your dogs with our interactive dog toys like Sniff and Find Interactive Smart Dog Puzzles or Snuffle Mats for Dogs. These interactive toys will stimulate the mental aspect of your dogs for sure while also engaging the sensory fragment of your dog. By doing so, your dog will get a much better experience than just plainly walking or running.

A Puzzle Toy for Your Dog: Increase Your Dog’s IQ!

Puzzle toys are a simple and effective way to keep your dog captivated and preoccupied. Puzzles and other interactive toys help keep your dog attentive on the job at hand, and the extra mental training makes a difference. Even though there are a lot of homemade activities that you can do with your dog but if you are unable to find the time in your busy routine, Hide n Slide Interactive Dog Puzzle is just one of the best ways to keep your dog engaged. 

sniff and find toys for dogs

In addition, ten-minute activities can make a significant difference in your dog's life while also giving them a task to focus on. These mental activities are also known to reduce behavioral issues in your dog and make them happier overall. Because such activities come with a sense of accomplishment, therefore they also boost the confidence and morale of your dog.

Some New Tricks Are Surely Fun!

Even though most people teach impressive tricks to their dogs just for fun, these tricks can be the most extraordinary mental stimulants for your dog's brain. The training process boosts the confidence of your pet while also strengthening the bond between the owner and the dog.

Engaging Your Dog's Brain with Toys as Simple As Chewing Ones!

A long-lasting chew is your dog's best friend. Our durable toys don't just preoccupy your dog but also provide them with enriching mental simulation.

Whenever a dog chews for an extended time, the brain is calmed and reduces stress levels. In contrast, when you give your dog a delicious homemade dog treat, it is over and done in one swallow. For the best experience, you can go with interactive dog toys such as Single Suction Multifunction Interactive Ball Dog Toy or Single Suction Multifunction Interactive Chewy Dog Toy.

An Obstacle Course: The Best Mental Stimulant 

One of the most enriching mental and physical experiences that you can give to your dog is to create an engaging obstacle course for them! This improves their agility; workout practices and engage their brain in the most elite practices of all time. The best thing about this activity is that you can always tweak things up by adding homemade items to the obstacle!

You know your dog better than anyone! Not every dog will enjoy all the activities mentioned, but you can surely take the idea and turn it into something your dog will love to do. Remember, mentally engaging your dog doesn't just tire it out but also improves their day-to-day life, especially if it's shy. 

Don't hesitate to try new things and make your bond even more potent by trying out different activities and having fun with them. You don't need to go outdoor since you can find the best interactive toys at to mentally engage your dog and give them an enriching and fulfilling lifestyle!

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