What are the Best Toys for your Dog in 2022?

What are the Best Toys for your Dog in 2022


Chewing on things and playing with anything that catches their interest is natural for all dogs. While it also depends on the habits of varying breeds, dog toys are objects that spark interest in all dogs, whether it is a chewable ball or a rope, they can tug on. You might experience your dog having behavior problems if they are not given an outlet to channel their energy and follow their instincts.

The options for dog toys are unlimited, but it depends on your dog's particular interest. You can get them a hundred toys, but if it doesn't excite them, the toys are just going to be sitting in a corner gathering dust. Therefore, it is essential to observe and experiment before buying a lot of toys. You can try different materials and observe your dog’s reaction to them to see what’s the best fit.

If you find yourself wondering about the options, you have for dog toys, here is an elaborate list of all the best dog toys you can get for your dog and fill their days with thrill, excitement, and much more!


A ball is a necessary toy for every dog who enjoys fetching and chewing, and it can also be a fun way to keep your dog in shape and entertained. Of course, keeping your dog happy is essential, but it is also necessary to provide them with the correct size and material of ball to prevent any choking and health hazards. In most cases, like for medium and large dogs, an average tennis ball size works.

However, don't give your dog tennis balls to nibble on. The neon yellow fuzz on tennis balls acts as sandpaper for your dog's teeth, causing your dog's oral health to deteriorate. Aside from that, tennis balls could also be fatal if they are not strong enough; they can split apart in the back of your dog's throat, obstructing the airways. 

There is a wide variety of ball toys available at Fetch ‘n Play, ranging from fuzz-free durable tennis balls, TPR rubber balls to treat dispensing balls and squeaky balls. Some balls even have holes to hide treats inside, which could be an intelligent approach to slow feed your dog for a healthier lifestyle.

Plush Toys

Plush toys are very popular with dogs of all breeds and ages. Plush toys play various roles for dogs, from cuddle toy to pretend prey. Some dogs, like aggressive ones, may use plush squeaky toys in role plays where the toy is their prey. This satisfies their inborn instinct. While other dogs enjoy passively playing with them because of their textures and nibbling on them.

When purchasing a plush toy for your dog, the size and aggression should be taken into consideration. For mildly aggressive and gentle dogs, you may consider plush toys with stuffing, but for very aggressive dogs, we would recommend stuffing-free plush toys.

Plush toys can be great fun for your pups and dogs but try to keep in mind that no dog toy is indestructible and that your dogs should be monitored while playing with them. Some dogs enjoy tearing the toys apart, at which point the stuffing inside will be exposed to them and it becomes hazardous because they can choke your dog if they attempt to swallow the stuffing. 

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are often a lot of fun for dogs of all breeds and sizes. They are a great way to reduce boredom and destructive behaviors. You can find them in various sizes, shapes, and styles. All dogs have different preferences, so consider your dog’s daily habits like chewing tendencies and what gets them excited. 

In theory, thick rubber squeaky toys are always recommended for aggressive chewers and larger dogs, while thinner rubber and plush squeaky toys are preferred for mild chewers. With any toy, we always recommend supervision, as no dog toys are indestructible. 

If you are not a big fan of squeaky toys, but your dog loves them, there is a way you both could be satisfied, silent squeakers. They are on a higher pitch, so only your dog can hear and enjoy them.

Rope Toys

Dogs love to play with and chew on various materials like ropes, which is why a thick braided nylon and cotton rope toy can be considered an ideal toy for your aggressive chewer. It also helps them strengthen and keep their teeth clean, slowing down tartar build up. 

With so many styles and types of rope toys, and many games to choose from like fetch and tug of war, whether with your dog is playing with you or your dog’s playing with themself, it begs the question, which toys are the best and safest ones?

As always, thicker rope toys made of a material, like nylon and cotton, are more durable but it always depends on your dog’s preferences. There are rope balls, multiple knotted ropes and thick braided ropes with many shapes and colors available. 

Because rope toys are made from fabric, excessive chewing will cause the weaken the material over time, so we recommend supervising your dog while they are using them. We recommend changing rope toys once they unravel or change color, as shreds of rope, when swallowed, can cause gastrointestinal obstruction..

Tug Toys

Almost all dogs love to play tug-of-war. You can find tug-of-war toys in many forms, shapes, and sizes. It challenges their predatory instincts while also providing excellent mental and physical stimulation. It can also be a great way to spend some quality time with your dog. Tug toys for dogs are mostly made of rubber or rope. Choose a toy that is flexible, durable, and easy to handle.

It is best to choose a toy that is easy to grasp and pull on while keeping your hand away from the dog's mouth. It should also be comfortable for your dog to bite and pull on. Toys that are old or frayed should not be used, they should actually be replaced.

It is suggested to put tug toys away when you are done playing and take them out once you are ready to play with them so your dogs can play and enjoy this bonding time with you with the same excitement every time.

Discs and Other Retrieving Toys

Dogs who enjoy fetching balls and frisbees are likely to appreciate discs and other retrieving items. When it comes to fetch and play, the disc is a little more versatile than a ball because you can change the disc's speed based on the weather outdoors. These types of toys keep your dog interested and eliminate boredom from solo play.

These discs could be made of diverse materials like silicone, rubber, plastic and rope made with nylon. It all depends on your dog's preferences. We always recommend testing out various toys to see which toy suits your furry pal best.

Food Dispensing Toys

Every dog's home should have food and treat serving dog toys. They promote excitement and cerebral stimulation for dogs while also allowing them to redirect their energies. Food-dispensing dog toys are typically made of rubber, plastic and other materials, and are available in a variety of forms and sizes. Some of the most popular ones, like our sniff and find snuffle mats/bowls or multifunction suction toys with treat dispensing balls, are great fun.

Interactive Toys and Dog Puzzles

Other than the toys that are purely for entertainment, it is also necessary to engage your dogs in activities that stimulate them mentally and help them with developing skills. You can either choose a toy that is only made for your dog (solo play), or you can get involved and find out different ways to have fun together. 

Some toys that can challenge your dog’s mind include interactive puzzles for dogs, snuffle mats/bowls, and other treat dispensing dog toys. These toys offer immediate rewards once your dog figures out how to find the treat hidden. They are also a great way to get your dog acquainted with using their nose to find foods. 

Always keep in mind that dogs are natural predators and should be allowed to embrace this part of their abilities so that they can improve their natural instincts and intuition. Your dog should always be monitored during playtime, no matter the type of toy.

There is no rule book that will tell you what toys to buy for your dog, so you will have to explore your options by observing the way your furry pal interacts with each toy. Be mindful that your dog needs entertainment and mental simulation, otherwise they will engage in destructive behaviors like ripping your house apart or being aggressive towards people. 

You can find some of the best variety of toys for your dog at www.fnptoys.com. Our dog toys can guarantee a fun filled day with your furry pal no matter the age, size or breed.

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