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Chewy Rope Toys for Teacup Dogs

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All dogs deserve high-quality safe toys that are stimulating and also foster their great health. Our strong and safe for chewing rope and rope balls offer both attributes for the smallest size dogs - Teacup dogs.


  • Durability and Safety - our ropes are made from cotton and nylon, which makes them strong enough to last for a considerable length of time even with aggressive chewers, yet comfortable enough as to not damage your dog’s teeth. 

  • Interactivity - great toys for a game of fetch and play and keep your dog occupied.

  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety - if you’re a dog owner that has to go to work or leave your pet at home a lot, it can take a mental toll on them if they don’t have the right toys to keep them occupied. Our rope toys can keep them occupied for hours while you’re away so they don’t feel so lonely. 

We encourage dog owners to keep toys clean to maintain health for their pets. For toys that cannot be easily cleaned should be changed every 2-3 months based on usage.